Use docker-compose to easily start multiple docker containers

In order to easily start up multiple docker instances with one command, one could use docker-compose. This command line tool lets user specify a docker compose file, which uses YAML to define which containers need to be started and how they will be connected.
The exemplary definition for one docker container to be started would look like this (note that the indentaion is lost, because whitespace is trimmed)

- ...

Here NAME_OF_CONTAINER_1 refers to the name under which another container was started by docker and LOCAL_NAME_OF_CONTAINER_1 specifies the hostname under which it will be reachable from within the container.

docker-compose is able to determine in which order the containers need to be started, but it cannot handle cyclic relations.

Oracle connection error

When you have just installed a database or client Oracle on a computer and want to connect with the parameters that have defined, it generates the error message: ORA-12154: TNS: Could not resolve the connect identifier specified.
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